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Welcome to the Outdoor Girl Scout Project website!

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We are an UNofficial group, and a Movement... working toward having more Official Outdoor Program, plus LOTS more badges, all leading to Girl Scouting's Highest Awards of Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

GSUSA was sent some interesting Discussion Proposals for the 2017 National Council Session.

Next National Council Session, we hope to send them both Official Proposals and Discussion Proposals.

We have over 8,000 Members at our Facebook page from all over the world - - including Girl Scouts, Girl Guides, Venture Crews, Staff and Volunteers for Girl Scouting.


More about us: We started out as a group of Member-Volunteers who want to see more official Outdoor Program in Girl Scouting. Plan #1 was a new Outdoor Journey added for all levels, leading to the highest awards, and also more Outdoor Badges to go with it.

Now we are working for Plan #2. We are wanting to add a NEW path to Girl Scouts' highest awards. Plus MANY more badges of all kinds, including Progressive Skills Badges. We could even keep the current Journeys for those who want to use them. We feel that this would be a win-win for all the girls of Girl Scouting - - be more fun, and help increase enrollment too.

Note: this is an UNOFFICIAL website made by volunteers. It is NOT endorsed by GSUSA.

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More background about our group: When the official Program for Girl Scouting today, the Journeys, were written, a lot of Outdoor Program was left out. Skills badges were, too, along with many other fun badges - - science, art, math, history, and many more. We want to put these back as an option for girls.

Camping and Outdoor Program needs to be a BIG part of Girl Scouting's official program. Why? It's the very cornerstone of the Movement, and is so healthy and good for the girls.

Juliette Low, our Founder, believed in Outdoor Program. We do, too! That's why we need to add it back in, for new leaders and girls joining the movement.We think it would be very popular.

Here is GSUSA's study SRI: More Than S'Mores Outdoor Experiences. It shows that girls DO love to go camping and be outdoors.

IMPORTANT! YOU can help us GSUSA add another path towards the highest awards in Girl Scouting! Here's how:

#1. Join the Outdoor Girl Scout Project Facebook group and join in the many discussions and plans. Plus great Program ideas.

#2. Write or email your Council and National GSUSA Board and CEO - let them know that you want an Outdoor path to Girl Scouting's highest awards added to the official Girl Scout Program, complete with many badges, for all levels, leading to the highest awards.

#3. Get the word out to all your Girl Scout friends! Have them join our Facebook page too!

#4. Check out the STEM Outdoor Journey at the CSA Girl Scouts REALLY in the Outdoors Facebook page for Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors, written by Girl Scout Sarah Young! It's available now for all councils to use. It has a neat pin and downloadable requirements.

It's time all Girl Scout Members and Friends - staff and volunteers - joined together to help improve our current Program in Girl Scouting and Get Girls Back Outdoors. It's so good for them, and for us!

Here are more ways you can help.

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Blog about the Outdoor Girl Scout Project!

Join our group, then invite all your Girl Scout friends and supporters to our Facebook page.

Write and/or email your council and GSUSA National CEO and Board Members and Council Staff to let them know that you support the Outdoor Girl Scout Project, and why.

Tweet about it and post about this group on Instagram.

Share your opinions and ideas on the Facebook page.

Invite your Girl Scout mailing list to see this website and the Facebook page too.

Take as many Outdoor Trainings in your Council as you can. Learn the in's and out's and the whys and wherefores of Outdoor Training.

Talk to your Delegates and Alternates to the 2017 National Council Session. Or go as a Visitor. Let them know that you support our mission!

Attend your Service Unit Meetings and speak up for Outdoor Programs and the Outdoor Girl Scout Project there. Let your fellow Girl Scout Member-Volunteers know how you feel about it. Email them too.

Take Leader or Volunteer training so you can offer Outside activities for troops like Hiking, Letterboxing, Camping Geocaching, Teams Course, High Ropes, and more.

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Come up with ideas and links for Betsy to post at the site, or on the Facebook page for other troops to use, change, or share.

Get trained and offer Outdoor Trainings to other leaders and volunteers.

Talk about the importance of official Outdoor Program on a blog or website.

Have a Beautification Day at a camp.

Teach enrichment classes like Songs, Games, Outdoor Cooking, Sailing, Canoeing, Crafts, etc. that can be used at camp.

Find out who offers Outdoor classes and make a list of them. Put this list on a blog or website.

Apply to be a Delegate or Alternate to your councils Annual Meeting. Learn about governance in your council.

Tell them you and your girls want more official Outdoor Program. from GSUSA, leading to Girl Scouting's highest awards.

Blog and tweet about your Take Action projects and this Project too.

Help teach the current Skill-Building badges and NEW Outdoor badges at troop meetings or at Trainings.

Learn about the Girl Scout camps in your area. Promote them to girls and leaders.

Get out of your comfort zone, and participate in a Training Weekend or event for volunteers.

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Go to your Annual Meeting and talk up the Outdoor Girl Scout Project and progressive Skills badges and other fun badges.

Become an Annual Meeting delegate for your Council.

Advertise for Girl Scouting and for Adventuring in neighborhood teen spaces.

Document the outdoor activities in your Council. See what other Councils offer.

Make a map or brochure for your local camp to increase interest.

Recruit Girl Scouts and leaders for an Adventurers or Mariners Group that offers adventure-based programming for middle school and high school students.

Find out more about current Girl Scout Program. See how it can be offered in the Outdoors. Then share this information with others.

Have your troop "sponsor" a building at camp.

Blog and tweet about your Take Action projects and this Project too.

Organize an outdoor event to earn current Skill-Building badges for the Outdoors.

Tour your local PLC and see what is available in the library about the Outdoors, Outdoor training, and Outdoor enrichment and other great Girl Scout activities.

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Do you have more Take Action ideas for getting Girl Scout girls outdoors? List them at the Outdoor Girl Scout Project Facebook page.

Juliette Gordon Low with two scouts via Wikipedia

This photo is via Wikipedia. It features our Founder, Juliette Low, with two Girl Scouts.

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Juliette Gordon Low (Center, left) believed in taking the Girl Scout girls outdoors and also going camping, hiking, and boating, too. These things are a part of Girl Scouting, even today, in some areas.

But we are losing it in other areas!

A new official GSUSA Outdoor Girl Scout Badge and Pin Program (if adopted as part of official program) leading to Bronze, Silver, and Gold would help girls discover nature, help protect our environment, and carry forth the ideals of Girl Scouting.

It will also help preserve our remaining camps, which are national treasures that need to be protected for all the Girl Scouts of the future.

Juliette Low believed in girls being able to be outdoors in nature, to become more physically fit and healthy, to have fun and experience adventure, to learn leadership and to be of service.

Join us in helping girls and leaders "Put the Outing back in Girl Scouting." We believe that Juliette Low would approve.

"Ours is a circle of friendships, united by ideals."

"The work of today is the history of tomorrow, and we are its makers."

"Right is right, even if nobody else does it."

-Juliette Gordon Low

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