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Do current GSUSA Journeys OUTDOORS

Note: this is an UNOFFICIAL website made by volunteers. It is NOT endorsed by GSUSA.

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Here are some tips to do an existing Journey with your troop OUTDOORS.

A Girl Scout camp is a great place to do things -including current Journey activities and badges - with your troop girls. Start by visiting a camp or going outdoors for a short time, then working up to longer periods of time. This is Progression - and how to help your girls feel comfortable and at home out of doors.

After your troop has discovered how fun being outside can be, they may want to go on a longer, overnight trip to a building or home. When they are comfortable with this, maybe they would like to cook outdoors at a Leader's house. Maybe a sleepover for one night at a Leader's home once or more times might be another good next step.

As something to look forward to, a stay in a Girl Scout Camp building can be an exciting and fun experience for girls. Staying for longer periods, such as a weekend, can be worked up to also. Special official Journey events may be offered by your Council. Look online or in your Leader book to see when these are offered, and sign your girls up for them.

Tip: Some troops have done Journey events with their troop, then had their girls do the Take Action project later.

Of course, always make sure you and your co-leader and any volunteers who help with your troop take your official Girl Scout trainings and get registered too. And above all, have fun!

Also be sure to see the official GSUSA Progression Chart, which should be in your Council's training materials for the Outdoors.


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When following any camping activity, make sure to follow all your Council's rules and have all trainings and First Aid training too, before your troop goes on a campout, overnight, etc. There are procedures to follow to make sure your girls (and you) stay safe.

Not sure what your rules or paperwork entails? Contact your Council.

Stay safe - - and have fun...

How to do Daisy Journeys in the Outdoors and at Camp

by Rhonda Robinson, Charlotte, NC.

Daisy Journey Activities in the Outdoors

This fun guide helps leaders who are doing the official Journeys for Daisies, the Daisy Flower Garden, Between Earth and Sky, and 3 Cheers for Animals.

Here are other Ideas from Girl Scout Councils and other groups that help put Official GSUSA Journeys into the Out of Doors - and this is a good thing!

NEW - Project Learning Tree has a Correlations Page that explains how to use their resources in current Journeys and badges like Camper, Trees, and more. There are also grants available. Read the page for more information.

The Kentuckiana Council offered a Journey Camporee last Spring. See the description here. It was at a Girl Scout camp.

Girl Scouts teamed with Sage YMCA for Journey Camp for Girl Scout girls in Northern Illinois.

Be Creative -- use these Journey Helps at the Girl Scout Betsy blog too to make your own Outdoor Journey day or event.

Try out more Outdoor Activities and links - check out the Outdoor Activities page here on the site.

And send me your <unofficial> Outdoor Journey ideas too!

And here are more Journey Help sites:

Girl Scouts of Northern California Jump for Journeys page and more

And here are more Journey Helps from the Girl Scout Betsy site:

*Girl Scouts of Northern California: Leader Resource Downloads - via Carol S: this site has Journey Helps for all levels, plus lots more. Scroll down to the headings, Jump to Journeys Patch, Journeys (Resources for Using Journeys), and Badge Activity Set Summaries. 

*Girl Scouts River Valleys Planning Guides (Gs of MN and WI River Valleys)

P, B, and J - Understanding Journeys and their Badges 

Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania: Journey Tool Kit 

NEW - - Journey Planning Tables from Girl Scouts Heart of Central CA's site. This has activities PLUS how much time they probably will take for each.  
The Girl Scouts of Northern California GS Program Resources

GS of the Nation's Capital Journey Page plus other resources 

The Girl Scout Leader Blog Journey Resources

Girl Scouts University - Juliette's List
(This site is still under construction. If you are on staff at a GS Council, find out if you can access the paid courses.)

Welcome to the Journeys - from GSUSA 

The Journey Mapping Tool - from GSUSA 

The Yahoo Girl Scout Journeys group - talk with other leaders about Journeys. 

More Resources
 The Scouts Honor Wiki

This site features Journey ideas plus more.

Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and NW Indiana Uniquely Ours Collection of Council's Own Awards
<patches - some multi-faceted>
The Troop Volunteer Quick Start Page

Helpful Websites from Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council (West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia and Maryland) This Council has 13 Regional Offices. (wow)

Leader Resource Downloads from Girl Scouts of Northern California
There are many different links and Journey resources here.

GS of Nassau County (NY) GS Days and Ideas page - The Resource Room

Pinterest for Journeys and Badges - all levels

Seniors and Ambassadors

Contact me email and address

A survival camp in Minnesota - plus a video. "Surviving Camp in Minnesota" Girls learned how some bugs taste, how to survive in a desert environment, how to trap animals (using fake ones). These girls are really having a lot of fun.

Here is a video from 2010 showing a camp in New York. Girls themselves explain why they like camp. There are girls here who are learning about nature, and loving it!

Camp here at Camp Henry Kaufmann is a safe place where girls can get away and be with other girls and have fun. This camp runs year-round.

The girls got to work on a Journey, "Wonders of Water" when they were at camp too!

Does your area have a great Girl Scout camp? Send me your links and articles. Thanks!

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