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Welcome to the Outdoor Girl Scout Project website!

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We are an UNofficial group, and a Movement... we are currently working toward having more Official Outdoor Program, plus LOTS more badges too.

We have over 9,500 Members at our Facebook page from all over the world - - including Girl Scouts, Girl Guides, Venture Crews, GSUSA Staff and Volunteer Members, and other Supporters of Girl Scouting.

We are very pleased to announce that GSUSA has made a NEW Journey for Girls - the Outdoor Journey, which WILL count towards our Highest Awards of Bronze, Silver, and Gold, along with other Journey and Badge choices for girls.

Now it's time to Take Action on some other important things through these NEW Girl Scout Sisterhood Initiatives and more.

Here are some ideas our Members will be discussing that are important to many Members.

1. PRIORITIZE OUR CAMPS: All Girl Scout Members need to join together to SAVE our remaining Girl Scout Camps. They are a wonderful resource, and a safe and ready place for all of our Outdoor Education and camping.

2. SUPPORT A NEW TRAINING INITIATIVE: We support a new National GSUSA Training initiative, helping Troops and Trainers all across the Nation with High Adventure Programming of all kinds. Travelling Trainers would be a great help to provide more Trained Adults to help their troop girls with exciting Program.

3. ADD MORE OFFICIAL GSUSA PROGRAM: We need MORE Official Outdoor Progressive Program of all kinds, including Progressive Skills badges, so girls can work on Outdoor Badges of their choice at any time, no matter when they join. AND we must to add more badges of ALL kinds, for the Girl Scout girl to pick from.

4. MAKE DECISIONS TOGETHER: We will be making and discussing Official Proposals and Discussion Proposals for these Initiatives and more to be ready for the GSUSA 2020 National Council Session, when Delegates will again gather together for the good of the Movement and vote on things important to all.

Also, we want to have better understanding across the nation of how our Movement works for every Member, and ensure that EVERY Girl Scout can have a voice in our Governance and be a part of all important Committees, both in our Councils and also Nationally.

We work better when we work together. We are all Sisters in Girl Scouting, whether we are Staff or Volunteers. We must work to bridge the current divide between the Membership.

Other ideas I and others have had: Bring back the Girl's or Troop's Own Badges, (Maybe offer blanks that troops may bring to have designs on them), have GS handbooks that are easy to carry and use for the girls and leaders, allow Councils to reciprocally OK each other's trainings (maybe with an "update" for them), include more Volunteers on National Committees, publish Board names and addresses so Members can communicate with them, ditto for Council and National Delegates, allow more Volunteer input on important decisions of Councils and National Committees, Bring back classes for Volunteers at Camp Macy (with pins), create a National Camp Directory, more.

Together, we CAN make a difference.

For more info. on past and some present Take Action websites, links, information, and groups, see our Take Action Page.


Note: this is an UNOFFICIAL website made by volunteers. It is NOT endorsed by GSUSA.

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More background about our group: When the official Program for Girl Scouting today, the Journeys, were written, a lot of Outdoor Program was left out. Skills badges were, too, along with many other fun badges - - science, art, math, history, and many more. We want to put these back as an option for girls.

Outdoor Program is a cornerstone of the Movement, and is so healthy and good for the girls.

Juliette Low, our Founder, believed in Outdoor Program. We do, too!

Here is GSUSA's study SRI: More Than S'Mores Outdoor Experiences. It shows that girls DO love to go camping and be outdoors.

We are moving forward in the Summer of 2017 towards more Take Action initiatives.

Come join us at our Facebook group!

You can help!

It's time all Girl Scout Members and Friends - staff and volunteers - joined together to help improve our Training, our Knowledge, and set goals to help our Movement grow and succeed.

Do you have more Take Action ideas? Talk about them at the Outdoor Girl Scout Project Facebook Group.

Juliette Gordon Low with two scouts via Wikipedia

This photo is via Wikipedia. It features our Founder, Juliette Low, with two Girl Scouts.

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Juliette Gordon Low (Center, left) believed in taking the Girl Scout girls Outdoors and also going camping, hiking, and boating, too. These things are a part of Girl Scouting, even today, in many areas.

We are excited about the new Outdoor Journey and Badges.

This Journey and new Outdoor badges may help preserve our remaining camps, which are national treasures that need to be protected for all the Girl Scouts of the future. But we need to do more to save our remaining camps, and advocate for other needed changes (see above).

Juliette Low believed in girls being able to be outdoors in nature, to become more physically fit and healthy, to have fun and experience adventure, to learn leadership and to be of service.

We have helped "Put the Outing back in Girl Scouting." We believe that Juliette Low would approve. Now we need to Take Action to help even more.

"Ours is a circle of friendships, united by ideals."

"The work of today is the history of tomorrow, and we are its makers."

"Right is right, even if nobody else does it."

-Juliette Gordon Low

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